You Are More Powerful Than You Realize

It’s Time for You to Step Back into Your Original Nature

Your Calm & Connected True Self has been Suppressed Long Enough. It’s Time to Let that Witchy Wise One out of Hiding.

»  You are sick of being too busy to slow down and nurture yourself or really connect with people in your life.

»  You’re starting to hear yourself saying “I’m fine” as if it’s someone else’s voice.

» And you’re losing your tolerance for making small-talk because you long for those deeper soul-level conversations.

You Know You Could be Tapping into Spiritual Power. You’ve Already Experienced Some Magic in your Life, Haven’t You?

»  But you’re probably still nervous to talk about it because you don’t want to be judged as flaky or “woo-woo”.

»  You are tired of living an unconscious life run by habit and routine, but what will happen in your job and relationships if you change?

» And you’re not sure how to connect to spirit and tap into universal power in the first place…

I Get It. I’ve Been There Too.

I’m well-practiced in the art of people-pleasing and living up to others’ expectations. I have marched blindly toward goals I didn’t set for myself, feeling lonely and dissatisfied. I’ve known the feeling of being so far removed from what I really want that I’m no longer sure what that is.

In fact, just a few years ago when a friend asked me “what do you really want?”, all I could come up with were “shoulds” and society’s expectations. Damn, I still feel angry tears stinging in my eyes when I think back to that time! Where had my own dreams gone? That was the moment I knew something had to change, and I began my search for who I really am underneath all that conditioning.

When I Was A Child...

I felt like I could talk to the trees and the animals, and I was connected to a sense of aliveness and spirit all around me. I would play in the forest near my home for hours. I gradually lost that sense of wonder and connection in school, and it wasn’t until half-way through my Master’s Degree that I started to feel an old spiritual calling again. But by that time I couldn’t remember how to access it; I just knew that I wanted to… needed to.

Fast-forward a few years and I was working as a therapist at a mental health clinic. As the team discussed diagnoses and medications and how to push more clients through the system more rapidly, I began to lose my passion for the work. I sat across from my clients using the therapy techniques I learned in university and realized I wasn’t any happier than they were. What I had in common with my clients and others in my life was a craving for more quiet time, more freedom, and more deep conversations. We were all craving more time in Nature. We craved authentic connections that would cause our nervous systems to relax and our muscles to unclench. I was craving that old feeling of magic, wonder, and intrinsic belonging that I had as a child.

My clinical psychotherapy practice was no longer enough. I began working with a shamanic teacher, learning wiccan practices, and discovering ancient wisdom that was absent from the education I got in school. My whole reality was turned upside down as I discovered my old-world lineage and the ancient wisdom of my people. I learned about my Welsh witch ancestors and the role spirit played in their lives prior to being colonized by the Romans. 

I learned how to incorporate magic into my life and my healing work, like my ancestors before me. I rediscovered a deep sense of belonging in the world. I now know my personal power and how to use it for healing. I have stepped up as a medicine woman and now it’s time to guide others on this journey.


I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and years of experience in clinical mental health counselling and psychotherapy. That might sound fancy to some and boring to others, but the important part is that I am comfortable with all the feels… sadness, fear, anger, you name it. I’m not a ‘love and light at all costs’ kind of person with my head in the clouds. We simply cannot bypass the shadow stuff. But I will hold safe space for it and help you transmute that shit.

I have also done Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy training, learned Shamanic healing, and apprenticed in the Wiccan practices of Earth stewardship, ritual, and practical magic.

I combine these magical and nature-based practices with my clinical psychotherapy background to offer a unique form of counsel and consulting.

Together We can Make Sure You Find Your Way to Calm, Consistent, and Connected. I Can Help You:

»  Discover your own power and how to tap into it to create the life you want

»  Get consistent in your practices

»  Develop deeper, more meaningful connections in your life

»  Overcome fear, including anxiety and panic

»  Discover deeper meaning in your life and start living aligned with your big purpose

When I'm Not Working...

with my beloved clients I can be found playing with my fuzzy little Norwegian Fjord Horse (we love to meander out on the trails looking for wild edibles), taking road trips in my campervan, and sitting by the ocean or under a tree.

I’ve always been a lover of photography… I carried 40 rolls of film to Australia in my backpack before the days of digital! And I love dancing my heart out, especially at summer music festivals.

Oh, and I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect latte!!

I Want to See the World Become a More Loving, Conscious, and Reverent Place

Where humans understand their personal power, sovereignty, and interconnection. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves and the world, and we can do that by developing a consistent practice that works with our natural cycles, honors the Earth, and helps us deepen our relationships.

Ten 10-Minute Rituals for Today

If you’re ready to begin, download your copy of:

The Handbook of Practical Magic for Mental Health