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Information about Oils

Info about oils and images of nature and oils.

About how we are exposed to them naturally in the forest, etc.

Important Note:

I highly recommend using essential oils and essences as a way to bring the medicine of our plant allies indoors for everyone’s benefit. I offer a connection to purchase some of these. When you purchase them through me you are using an affiliate link, which provides me with a percentage of the revenue.

As a psychotherapist and as someone who offers counsel to others, it is very important to note that if I have recommended essential oils to you, this is only a suggestion. It is entirely up to you to choose to purchase them or not, and there is no expectation of you to purchase them through me. I like connecting people to oils, but please know that I have no expectations and there is absolutely no pressure. Choosing not to buy them, or to buy them from a different source, will not negatively impact our relationship or the amazing work we do together.