Get Back in Touch With the Ancient Wisdom Running Through your Veins

..And Create a Consistent Practice that Works for You


» You already know what you ‘should’ be doing.

» You’ve tried meditation. You know about mindfulness.

» You know you have the potential for a deeper life and spiritual practice.

» But you aren’t living this reality yet. Something keeps getting in the way.

What’s The Deal?!

» You’re frustrated because you still fall into old, self-destructive habits.

» It’s so irritating to feel unable to access your tools when you need them most.

» You want to carve out time for yourself to just be, but you struggle to make it happen, plus you’re not sure what to do once you’re there.

» You know there is a powerful presence just waiting for you to tap in, but you keep your spirituality to yourself because you’re afraid of being judged. And where would you start anyway?

» You crave deeper connections and meaningful conversations but you stay guarded too often because it’s scary to be fully present and really show up as yourself.

» You’re going through the motions and taking care of the basics, but there’s an increasingly urgent calling for you to do what really matters.

What Really Matters

You want so much to have a deeper connection to the self you know is just below the surface, and to truly show up for the people you love. You want to be present and consistent. But you’ve been feeling more like a stone skipping across the surface, and you’re tired of missing out on the really good stuff.

Even though you feel stuck, you know things could be different. You’re here now, finding your way ever closer to the change you sense is possible.

You’re a seeker. You can probably feel it in your bones… it’s time to move forward.

I Know This Place Well Because I’ve Been There.

I’ve been the one who tried and failed again and again when it came to developing healthier new habits. Whatever it was, I would get busy, distracted, or sick and before I knew it I was completely off track again. Sooo frustrating!

And I Know that Fear of Judgement Too.

I was shy and nervous about my spiritual beliefs for many years before I found the path to integration that worked for me. It has always been important to me to understand why I have any particular practice and how it works. And it’s so important that I remain approachable to those who are curious about this path… it’s the way to lift others up with me.

When Spirit & Practice Came Together Everything Clicked.

My self-care and spiritual practices are consistent these days because I realized I need a cyclical routine. My routine simply must be able to bend with the moon and the seasons if I’m going to keep it up month after month. This turned out to be the magic ingredient I was seeking all those years.

…From this Epiphany Live Your Practice was Born!

Before Live Your Practice I was struggling with feeling connected to my spirituality and feeling overwhelmed. Now, I have been reminded of my need for slowing down, and letting go of my desire to control things in my life, including my spiritual practice. The word “permission” keeps coming up for me. With your support, I’m giving myself the permission I need to care for myself on a regular basis. Live Your Practice has helped me to tune in to my ups and downs and to have a better idea about what I can do to help me be at my best regardless of what’s going on. I’m beginning to listen and pause! I feel this will continue to evolve, but that I am back on track. Thank you!


Paris, France


Live Your Practice

A three-month, one-on-one personalized program that will help you get consistent for the long-term by honoring your own natural cycles and bringing you more fully into your spiritual power.

Here’s How Your Life Looks After Live Your Practice:

» You are practicing your favorite rituals consistently because you have a customized plan to keep you on track as your energy waxes and wanes.

» You’re finally spending some time just sitting and reflecting, in peace.

» You’re comfortable to just be because you’re honing your own personal power.

» And speaking of personal power, you know where magic fits in your life and how to use it because you are tapping into your ancient wisdom, your ancestral gifts, and your natural spirituality.

» You’re familiar with the turning of the Wheel of the Year and you see the support of Nature all around you.

» You’re finally doing what matters and becoming the person you are meant to be, because you have a practice that works for you, and with you!

You are present and consistent, calm and courageous. You have reached that next step in your personal evolution because you are Living Your Practice.

What You Get When You Enroll in Live Your Practice:

» Three Months of Learning, Consulting, & Plan Creation » Spend three months learning ancient wisdom, developing a healing relationship with Nature, and nurturing new habits to get you consistent and empowered.

» Six Live 1:1 Counsel Calls  » Your personalized one-on-one counsel time with Llyn will help you to see your invisible blocks and cast new spells for a calm and courageous life.

» Spirals Practice Plan » The keep-it-forever creation of our collaborative cauldron is your individualized Spirals Practice Plan for low, moderate, and high energy phases. This plan will keep you engaged and consistent in your practice for the long run, and get you back on-track when life shakes you off balance.

» Make it Yours » Our sessions together can focus on your emotional health, your business development, your relationship, your creative process, your grief, your life’s path… the possibilities are endless.  

» Multimedia Learning Materials » The multimedia learning and bonus materials allow you to discover ancient wisdom, ritual creation, and your own natural cycles with online access and no unnecessary printed materials.

» Pre-work and Reflection Questions » You are invited to prepare and reflect between sessions so you milk the most out of our time together. You can spend as much or as little time as you desire between sessions so that even the busiest schedules have room for this program.

» Tribe Support » Lifetime membership in our private Facebook group allows you to ask questions and build supportive relationships.

Introductory Price: $440

Live Your Practice (all three months, all six sessions) is being introduced to the world for a time-limited introductory rate.

Once she has grown from seedling to sapling the price will grow as well, to $660. If you’d like to jump into this heart-and-soul offering with me, now is the time!


When You’re Ready, Step Into the Live Your Practice Circle With Both Feet and Know that You Belong

Click to enroll and reserve a time for your first session. I’ll be along shortly to make sure we get your next 5 sessions reserved for you, and I’ll send you the welcome package right away.

You’re going to love it! And if for any reason you are unable to follow through this time around, a full refund – no questions asked, is available to you for 14 days after our first session.

*Please note that only 9 spots are opened for new clients each month. This is to ensure that everyone in the Live Your Practice tribe gets the individual time and attention they so deeply deserve.

I feel like I owe my sanity to Lynn.  I took her Live Your Practice program and learned and benefitted so much from it.  She gave me easy ways to manage my anxiety and fears and my emotions just don’t run my life like they used to.  Lynn is clearly an informed professional and an easy to understand teacher. Thank you Lynn for giving me the tools I didn’t have.


Salt Spring Island, Canada

In Live Your Practice we Focus on You.

Here are Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

» Your Story & Goals for our Work Together

» How to Work With the Wheel of the Year

» Your Productivity & Nature’s Cycles

» Moon Cycles & Your Energy

» Use of Ritual & Ritual Design

» Connecting to Spirit through Nature

» How Power & Magic Works in Your Life

» Learning to Listen & Deepening Connections

» Creating a Practice that Works for You

» The Spirals Model for Consistent Practice

$440 to Enroll Now

Only 9 spots are opened each month, so if you are feeling called to expand and deepen your life I warmly encourage you to honor that guidance. For a limited time Live Your Practice is available at the introductory rate of $440 and there are openings for new enrollments available right now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program for Me if I Have Anxiety or Depression?

The short answer is YES. Absolutely. This program is all about getting calm, consistent, and connected… all which are great for reducing depression or anxiety. Plus Llyn is a trained therapist so you will be in good hands.

What if I don’t Know Much About Spirituality or all that Witchy-Hippie Stuff and I’m a Curious Newbie?

Perfect my friend, this program is for you! Anyone who is genuinely curious is following the call, and therefore is warmly welcomed here! And don’t worry, you don’t have to start dressing or acting differently… nobody else has to know that you are deepening your connection and power!

What if I Already Have an Elaborate Pagan/Wiccan/Shamanic Practice with Many Years of Experience?

This program is designed for people who are having difficulty being consistent in their self-care and who are looking for ways to explore their spirituality. It is designed to introduce the power of simple practices into the lives of people who are somewhat new to the wheel of the year and basic ritual. If you already have a great depth of knowledge, many years of mentorship, and a robust self-care and self-love practice, this is likely not the right fit for you. If you’re in that big wide grey area, feel free to send me a message and we can explore it!

Why is This Program So Expensive / So Cheap?

The answer to these questions is the same: Live Your Practice is priced based on a formula that adds up the time, professional training, equipment, expertise, and preparation that goes into it, and then subtracts huge sums from that total to account for the newness of the offering as well as affordability factors to make it as accessible as possible to everyone who is called to enroll. The price will change over time based on these same factors.

Will I Have Enough Time for the Program?

Other than 1 hour every two weeks for your one-to-one live video call it is entirely up to you how much time you spend on the program, and you can do the work any time, any place! The scheduled appointment time for your 1:1 counsel is sacred and protected time, and it is important that you can commit to it wholeheartedly. If you think that meeting for an hour at a time, once every two weeks, for a total of 6 hours in 3 months is going to be unmanageable then I recommended you wait until a period when you will have that much time available. Beyond that, we will make it work!!

Is this Going to Help More Than My Therapist Did?

That’s one of the goals of Live Your Practice. Typical and traditional therapies such as CBT and even mindfulness stop short of putting the whole picture together: historical trauma, environmental health, ancestral relationships, energetic influences, and sovereign power are often overlooked. You do have the power and ability to heal, but sometimes not without your allies!

What if I’m Christian (Or Any Other Religion)?

I want you to do what feels right in your heart. That being said, I also want to reassure you about the focus of Live Your Practice… it’s all about improving your connection to spirit, nature, & loved-ones, and using the natural cycles of the environment to improve the consistency of your wellness practice. This work is usually compatible and comfortable for someone who is already devoted to an organized religion, and if you’ve come this far and you feel interested, I welcome you!

Am I Going to Have to Do Weird Things when I Do Rituals?

The beautiful thing about this program is that we collaborate to create a plan that works for YOU. That means you don’t HAVE to do anything, and whatever rituals and practices we do come up with together will be exactly what fits naturally into your life. No more, no less, and nothing weird!

Is There a Payment Plan?

Coming soon!

Join Me Now for $440

One of these 9 spots could so easily be yours for the next three months! If you are feeling called to jump in I warmly encourage you to honor that guidance.


Llyn has a down-to-earth authenticity about her and she’s just a beautiful presence to behold. Thank you Llyn for all you have shown me.


Seattle, USA