Practical Magic for Mental Health

Ten 10-Minute Rituals for Today

» This Beautiful Book of Practical Magic Rituals is My Gift to You «

Deepen Your Relationship with Your Sovereignty, Personal Power, & Emotional Wellbeing

  • A ritual is a simple set of actions practiced in an intentional way, and infused with meaning. 
  • Each time we engage in the ritual we are deepening our relationship with our own power and free will. It’s as if the ritual, over time, develops its own energetic charge which can then re-inspire us.
  • By practicing ritual we are bringing awareness and aliveness to our own ability to heal, protect, and influence our world and our life.
  • In this way we can learn how to be spiritually accountable to the existence we are all co-creating.

Inside You will Find:

  • How practical magic can help us create our best life, and why I started using ritual in my life and work.
  • How ritual helps with our mental health.
  • Rituals for beginning your day, for ending your day, and for sleep and dreaming.
  • Rituals for your protection and for clearing energy, healing the environment, and letting go of that which you no longer need.
  • Rituals for easing stress and anxiety, and for abundance or reaching your goals.
  • Plus, how to create your altar and how to design your own ritual.

About the Author

Lynn is the creatrix behind Physis Wellness Ecotherapy. She helps humans with hidden potential overcome fear, deepen connections, get consistent, and embrace ancient spiritual wisdom to start living aligned with their purpose. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and training in Shamanic and Wiccan traditions Lynn offers a unique combination of psychotherapy and old-world magic in her practice. When not diving into the depths with clients, she is forever on the hunt for the perfect latte and loves exploring forests and fields with her Norwegian Fjord Horse.

“Reclaiming ancient wisdom, practical magic, and personal power is the path to true healing. I weave magical and nature-based practices together with my psychotherapy training to offer a unique form of counsel and consulting, which helps people who feel overwhelmed and disconnected develop meaning, presence and connection in their lives. I want to see the world become a more loving, conscious, gentle, and reverent place where humans understand their personal power, sovereignty, and interconnection.”

~ Lynn

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♥ Lynn