Nature-Based Practical Magic

for Your Mental Health

It's Time For A Change, Isn't It?

» That’s enough getting lost in the busyness of life, feeling like you’re missing out on the little things.

» It’s time to stop saying “I’m fine” when you’re actually craving deeper soul-level conversations.

» Enough living in unconscious habits, feeling like life is running you, not the other way around.

» It’s time to conquer your fears, rise into your power, and connect deeply with life.

I Can Help You

And it won’t involve any CBT worksheets or questions like “how does that make you feel?”. Bigger, deeper, soul-level healing demands more substance. More truth.

I weave old-world, nature-based, practical magic together with my psychotherapy practice to offer a unique form of counsel and consulting.

I help people who feel overwhelmed and disconnected develop meaning, presence, purpose, and connection in their lives.


» If you are ready to get to know your personal power, sovereignty, and interconnection…

» If you’re ready to get consistent and calm…

» If you’re ready to help me make the world a more loving, conscious, gentle, and reverent place…

Then you are ready for us to work together.

Here’s How:

Ecotherapy Programs

Comprehensive online programs to heal anxiety naturally and master your mental health. These programs are right for you if you are seeking:

  • Affordable Nature-based Counsel
  • Foundational Knowledge & Techniques
  • A Simple Roadmap for Mental Health

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Book A Session

Get individualized and focused attention in a one-to-one session with Lynn. These sessions are laser-focused on exactly what you want and need.

  • Individual Focus on You
  • Single Session at a Time
  • Via Video Call or Telephone

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Live Your Practice

A comprehensive program that will get you calm, connected, and living your soul’s purpose while calling in support from Nature & Spirit.

  • Three Months
  • Six Individual Sessions
  • Online Dashboard and Learning Materials

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Awakening & Integration

Three sessions of laser-focused one-to-one counsel. Come with a purpose, even if it is to find your purpose! This package is right for you if you are seeking:

  • Live Your Practice Follow-up Sessions
  • Plant Medicine Integration Counsel
  • Spiritual Awakening Consulting

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A Note About Fees:

Fees for 1:1 counselling sessions are based on the standards set by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). See the BCACC fee schedule here.

For the most affordably-priced 1:1 counselling option, consider the Live Your Practice 6-session bundle.

For lowest-cost therapy skills and wellness tools, consider the self-study programs available here.

If you are seeking an empathic and experienced male therapist, consider booking with our colleague Séamus Osiris.

Hello Lynn,

I really wanted to reach out and thank you for your counsel. I am doing extremely well and practice your advice every day, as well as techniques I learned from the courses. I’ve made a few good friends, go to the gym, walk a lot in nature, practice yoga regularly, and no longer experience panic attacks. I have been able to reduce my anxiety and depression significantly and increase my confidence and energy!

Thank you so much for taking extra time with me and showing me how to find my way back to the real me. You taught me to forgive myself and show myself kindness; that it is possible to navigate society without allowing my spirit to be crushed by it; how to stop living like a victim and take back my power and keep moving forward.

I will never ever forget your influence and I’m so happy I met you.


Vancouver Island, Canada

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