Nature-based Practical Magic

for Your Mental Health

It's Time For A Change, Isn't It?

» That’s enough getting lost in the busyness of life, feeling like you’re missing out on the little things.

» It’s time to stop saying “I’m fine” when you’re actually craving deeper soul-level conversations.

» Enough living an unconscious life, with real and consistent changes still out of reach.

» It’s time to conquer fears, rise into your power, embody your spirituality, and live your practice!

I Can Help You

And it won’t involve any CBT worksheets or questions like “how does that make you feel?”. Bigger, deeper, soul-level healing demands more substance. More truth.

I weave old-world, nature-based, practical magic together with my psychotherapy practice to offer a unique form of counsel and consulting.

I help people who feel overwhelmed and disconnected develop meaning, presence, purpose, and connection in their lives.


» If you are ready to get to know your personal power, sovereignty, and interconnection.

» If you’re ready to get consistent and calm.

» If you’re ready to help me make the world a more loving, conscious, gentle, and reverent place.

Then you, my friend, are ready to work with me.

Here’s How:

Live Your Practice

A comprehensive program that will get you calm, connected, and living your soul’s purpose while calling in support from Nature & Spirit.

  • Three Months
  • Six Individual Sessions
  • Online Dashboard and Learning Materials

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Awakening & Integration

Three sessions of laser-focused one-to-one counsel. Come with a purpose, even if it is to find your purpose! This package is right for you if you are seeking:

  • Live Your Practice Follow-up Sessions
  • Plant Medicine Integration Counsel
  • Spiritual Awakening Consulting

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Get Started for Free:
Rise Into Your Power

Get The Handbook of Practical Magic for Mental Health and discover ten 10-minute rituals to help you plug back into your calm, consistent, connected life right now. This beautiful book of practical magic rituals is my gift to you.