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So many people are curious about how to find their soul purpose, how they are meant to make a difference in the world, how to work with energy or clear it, and just generally crave these juicey conversations that are not welcome in all circles.

Take a look at the topics that I love to dive into, or, just let me know what you’re curious about!

Speaking and Workshops with Lynn:

» Authentic, experienced, and professionally trained in group facilitation.

» Learn about how to work with Nature’s cycles for better consistency in your self-care, how to use ritual to balance ‘negative’ emotions, and how to clear negative energy from yourself or your home.

» In person or via video call from anywhere.

» I would love to join you in your group, circle, program, or coven.

» Let’s join forces, learn, and spread this wisdom widely!

Available Workshops:

Clearing Energy 101

You may be curious about this whole ‘smudging’ thing you see people doing, or you may be feeling like you’ve had too much bad luck or harmful/unhelpful energy around you lately. Let’s talk about how to clear negative energy in a culturally appropriate way, the many different ways it can be done, and learn the basics about how YOU can do it safely and effectively for yourself and your space.

The Triple Spiral & Life's Cycles

If you struggle to stay consistent with your goals and practices from day to day and month to month, let’s talk about how to shift this without fighting against the natural currents. Learn about the Wheel of the Year, the feminine and masculine energy cycles, and the how to syncronize your routine and practices with the moon’s cycles and the earth’s seasons for maximum consistency, success, and health.

The Dark Side

Conquering ‘Negative’ Emotions

Learn about the nature of emotions and why ‘negative’ emotions are so important and valuable for us. Let’s talk about how to work ‘on the dark side’ with these emotions, and how to use simple practical magic rituals for healing and supporting your emotional wellness and overall mental health.

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