† Embody Joy and Ease.

» Connect Deeply.

‡ Rise Into Your Power.

It’s Time to Invite Magic Back into Your Life.

Rise Into Your Power

.Get The Handbook of Practical Magic for Mental Health and discover ten 10-minute rituals to help you plug back into your calm, consistent, connected nature right now.

Welcome Wise One!

I’m Llyn. I believe in reclaiming ancient wisdom, magic, and personal power. I weave magical and nature-based practices together with my psychotherapy training to offer a unique form of counsel and consulting. I help people who feel overwhelmed and disconnected develop meaning, presence and connection in their lives

This matters to you because you’re someone who isn’t satisfied with the surface level status quo. You want to be consistently present for yourself and others, with meaningful, authentic relationships. You want to tap into your own power to heal and make a difference.

I know how hard it can be in this world…

Our Society is So Focused on Producing, Consuming, and Caffeine-Fueled Images of “Success”.

It’s hard break out of this cycle. I mean, you need to fit in and perform to some degree, right? But you can get lost in the busyness of life along with the masses. You never have enough time to truly nurture yourself or connect deeply with people in your life. You’ve got no time to just sit and reflect.

I see you. You know that you are interconnected with the whole Universe. And you’ve witnessed a little magic in your life, haven’t you? Maybe you’ve had a spiritual awakening. But you’re nervous to talk about it because you don’t want to be judged as flaky or “woo-woo”. You want to embody your authentic power, but what will people think? And besides, how can you connect to ancient spirituality and tap into this power in the first place? So you stay stuck in this unconscious life, run by habits and the expectations of others.

But it isn’t good enough for you. Not anymore…

It's Time to Return to a More Natural Rhythm.

More and more people are seeking that magical balance of functioning in the world while also tapping into spirit, resurrecting ancient wisdom, and diving deeper into authentic relationships.

Is this why you’re here?

This is the next step in your journey.

And I’ve been waiting for you!

Ten 10-Minute Rituals for Today

You are more powerful than you realize. It’s high time for you to step back into your original nature. It’s time to let that witchy wise one out of hiding.

Download The Handbook of Practical Magic for Mental Health: