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Live Your Practice Add-on Sessions

If you have already completed the Live Your Practice program and you would like to continue working with me, this is the way to do it. We can pick up right where we left off at the end of Live Your Practice, or you can bring a specific issue for three laser-focused counsel sessions. I would love to see you again!

Spiritual Awakening Consultation

If you’ve experienced a big shift in your worldview you probably feel groundless, like there’s no looking back. It can be a huge adjustment. Sometimes it feels like you’re going crazy. These three sessions will zero in on your experience and where to go from here. There’s no more blissful ignorance, but the alternative is so much more meaningful. And no, you’re not going crazy!

Plant Medicine Integration

If you’ve experienced a shamanic healing or worked with a plant ally more than once, you know how hard it can be to integrate your experiences back into regular, three-dimensional life. These three sessions will support you to process your downloads and re-member yourself, as well as helping you figure out how to continue to be real in world that feels like a facade, without giving up everything you’ve worked for.

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  • I will let you know if there are any special opportunities for deepening your practice or advancing your journey.

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Other Resources:

Live Your Practice

A comprehensive program that will get you calm, connected, and living your soul’s purpose while calling in support from Nature & Spirit.

  • Three Months
  • Six Individual Sessions
  • Online Dashboard and Learning Materials

The Handbook of Practical Magic For Mental Health

This beautiful book of Ten 10-Minute Rituals for Today is my gift to you.

Learn simple practical magic, guidelines for your practice, and information about the benefits of ritual for mental health.